how do you find the right size baseball bat

November 4, 2022

Place the bat to your side and grab the bat. …Put the knob of the bat in the middle of your chest with the bat facing away from you – if you can reach your arm out and grab the barrel of the bat,it’s the right size.

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What size bat should I buy?

The bat length they suggest is by height. A 4’6″ should have a 27 or 28-inch bat, and a 5’10” player should have between a 30 and 34-inch bat. Not specific details, but at least they point out the reality that bat size depends on way more than height and weight.

What size softball bat should a 12 year old use?

There are barely more using a 29-inch than a 27-inch. The 27 to 29-inch range accounts for more than 80% of all 12-year-old bat sizes. If you’re not sure, we suggest you go with an 18 or 17-ounce bat. Find more details on our best bat for eight-year-olds.

What size baseball bat to buy?

If your young player stands between 3 feet to 3 feet 4 inches and weighs less than 60 pounds, start them off with a 26-inch baseball bat and then increase the bat size by 1 inch for every 4 to 5 inches that they grow thereafter.

What is the average size of a bat?

What is the correct bat size? The barrel usually ranges for 2-3/4 inches or 2-5/8 inches and ranges from 26 to 32 inches.Adult bats have a 2-5/8 inch barrel and range from 29 to 35 inches in length. These bats are approved for high school and college play all adult bats are minus 3 drop weight.

How to pick the right baseball bat?

When it comes to picking the right baseball bat it ultimately comes down to feel. If you are not comfortable swinging the bat or it makes your swing feel different, then it is not meant for you. As a hitter, the last thing you want to feel going up to the plate is that your bat is dragging through the zone or it doesn’t feel good in your hands. For more information on feel, check out our post “ What hitting with a wood bat can teach you .”

What is the maximum size of a baseball bat?

USA Baseball is a new bat regulation that has been adopted by Little League, Pony League, Babe Ruth, and many more. It allows a maximum of 2 ? inch barrel in their participating leagues and has no weight restrictions.

What are the three governing bodies for baseball?

The three governing bodies that regulate bats are BBCOR, USSSA, and USA Baseball. BBCOR is the most restricting governing body as you can only use -3 bats and the barrel size has to be less than 2 ? inches. BBCOR is also what you will be using in high school and college.

How big should a baseball bat be for a kid?

According to Baseball Monkey, there are certain ways that you should select a bat size for your child. Starting at a young age, if your child is between 3’ and 3’4”, you would want to start with a 26 inch bat, and for every 4-5 inches that your child grows, you should add one inch to the bat.

How long should a baseball bat be for a young player?

According to most research that you’ll find online, the beginning length for a bat for a young player should be 26 or 27 inches. A simple guideline when measuring the bat size for your a youth player is to have your player stand in baseball cleats and put the bat next to them, standing the bat straight up.

What is the drop of a bat?

The heavier the bat, the more power you get. So youth bats range from -13 to -7 – -which is known as “drop” — is the difference between the length and weight of the bat.

What is the weight of a bat?

For example, if the bat is 27 inches, and it weighs 14 ounces, then it is a -13, or a drop 13. The most common weights are -12, -10, -9, -8, -5, and -3. As you get older and stronger, your bat will get heavier and heavier, moving from a -12 all the way down to a -3 by the time you reach high school.

What size barrel do you need for a BBCOR bat?

BBCOR regulations are more strict than other types of certification as all bats have a 2 5/8” barrel and have a -3 drop weight. If you are playing in high school or college, you MUST use a BBCOR-certified baseball bat. SHOP BBCOR BATS. If you are still unsure about your purchase, let us help!

What is composite bat?

Composite bats are made of material very similar to carbon fiber, giving the manufacturers much more control over the weight distribution of the bat. They can be made with the weight evenly distributed, or end-loaded where the end of the barrel of the bat carries a larger portion of the weight.

How to contact BBCOR baseball bats?

Give us a call at (800) 937-4824 or email us directly at [email protected]

How much does a Marucci hybrid bat cost?

If you are just getting into the game or simply aren’t sure of what type of bat to buy, alloy is usually the safest purchase. COST: $50 – $300. Marucci 2019 CAT8 -3 Adult Baseball Bat (BBCOR) Like its name suggests, hybrid bats are a combination of composite bats and alloy bats.

What is a drop bat?

A drop refers to the length of the bat minus the weight. For example, if a bat is 30 inches long and has a drop weight of -5, the bat will weight 25 ounces. So, the larger the drop weight, the less the bat will weigh. Younger players tend to use a bigger drop weight while older players will use a smaller one.

What size bats are used in the Senior League?

Sometimes referred to as “Senior League” bats, they are available in 2 1/4" barrel size and go up to 2 3/4” barrels.

How to know if a bat is too short?

To double check if the length works for you, hold the bat to your side and as long as your palm can reach the handle while the head of the bat is touching the ground, the length of the bat should work for you. If you have to bend over to grab the handle , the bat is probably too short and you should consider a larger size.

How to know if a bat is right for you?

More experienced players generally swing a heavier bats to help maximize power. A way to tell if a bat is right for you is your swing speed . A bat that is too heavy is harder to swing, causing a loss in momentum, reduced distance or a miss altogether. If a bat is too light for a player, the player could miss out on the extra force they could generate from a heavier bat. A happy medium needs to be found. It is highly recommended you demo a bat against live pitching speeds in order to find the best weight for you.

How much weight do you drop in baseball?

Most common weight drops in various baseball leagues are -12, -10, -9, -8, -5, and -3. As you progress toward high school baseball, the weight drop lowers (the bats become heavier). When moving to a heavier bat, you may then decide to drop an inch in length to more easily handle the additional weight. This is a matter of personal preference and comfort at the plate as you advance in age, league and skill level.

How big is a baseball bat?

However, By regulation, it may be no more than 2.75 inches (7.0 cm) in diameter at the thickest part and no more than 42 inches (1.067 m) in length.

What is the difference between a -5 and -10 bat?

A lesser weight drop means the bat feels heavier. So a -5 bat will feel heavier than a -10 bat.

What is the thickest part of a bat?

The barrel is the thickest and widest part of the bat used to hit the ball. The barrel is where you want to hit the ball in order to achieve maximum performance.

How long should a softball bat be?

Fastpitch softball players under the age of seven are encouraged to buy a softball bat between 24 inches and 26 inches in length. Fastpitch softball players between the ages of eight and nine will find a bat with a length of 26 inches to 29 inches is just right.

How big should a baseball bat be?

The bat size that is optimal for your or your baseball-loving youngster will hinge on several factors, including the player’s height and weight. Baseball players who are 3’5" to 3’8" in height and weigh under 60 pounds are encouraged to use a bat measuring 27 inches in length. This length is also optimal for players in the same height range who weigh between 61 pounds and 70 pounds. A 28-inch bat is optimal for players who are 3’5" to 3’8" and weigh between 71 pounds and 90 pounds. Move on up to a 29-inch bat if your youngster is this height range and weights between 91 and 120 pounds.

Why are two piece bats better than one piece?

Two piece bats consist of two parts in the handle and barrel that are adjoined together to increase flexibility and reduce vibration. One piece bats are comparably stiff yet have better balance than two piece bats. If the impact of the vibration resulting from contact with the baseball is not a primary concern, a one piece bat is certainly worth considering.

What is a BBCOR bat?

BBCOR, an acronym for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution, is widely considered to be the standard for adult bats. BBCOR is the organization responsible for regulating the amount of energy lost when the bat barrel contacts the baseball. BBCOR regulations are that much more strict than other forms of certification, requiring that every bat have a -3 drop weight along with a 2 and 5/8 inch barrel. Every high school and college player is required to use a baseball bat that is BBCOR-certified.

What is hybrid bat?

Hybrid bats are a mixture of alloy and composite. Such bats have a composite handle and a barrel made of alloy, bringing the best of both together for a truly elite bat. Composite is revered for its comparably light weight. Alloy is sometimes favored for its durability.

How much does a composite bat cost?

As noted above, alloy, composite and hybrid bats are that much more durable than wooden bats. Composite bats are comparably expensive, typically running $200 or more as they have a massive sweet spot and generate a distinct sound at the point of contact.

How much does an alloy baseball bat cost?

Alloy bats typically cost between $50 and $300. Alloy is often favored as it provides considerable pop at the plate and stands the test of time. Wooden bats made of birch, maple or ash tend to cost $200 on up yet they are not as durable as other bats simply because wood is that much more likely to break when making contact with a baseball pitched at a high rate of speed.

How much does a youth baseball bat weigh?

So a youth baseball bat, such as Axe Bat’s flagship Avenge L142H, with a drop weight of -10, would weigh 20 ounces at a length of 30 inches.

How to determine bat length?

With that in mind, the most reliable and easiest place to start in determining bat length, according to Trudeau, is to place the knob of the bat in the center of your chest and extend it along the length of your outstretched arm, as shown below. “The bat should come somewhere out …

What weight bats are required for high school?

High school and college players are required to swing BBCOR-compliant bats with drop weights of -3. Consequently, Trudeau said younger players would be wise to decrease the length-to-weight ratio of their bats as they grow stronger in preparation. But he also cautioned not to rush that process.

Is it easy to pick the wrong bat size?

Choosing the wrong-size bat is an easy thing to do . In fact, it‘s one of the most common mistakes made by youth players and their parents. Options are plentiful, and can be overwhelming, especially for those new to the game.

Who is Rusty Trudeau?

Rusty Trudeau, a longtime high school baseball coach, now managing national baseball and softball accounts here at Axe Bat, said he sees it happen every year. “Most all of them,” he said, when asked how many new players pick a bat that’s either too big or too small.

How much does a BBCOR bat weigh?

BBCOR Bat’s range in total weight from 26 ounces (a few are 29/26) up to 31 ounces (the 34/31). We break this down by age but make sure you compensate#N#by skill level too.

How to understand bat size chart?

To understand a bat size chart you MUST understand that swing weight is much more useful than is total weight or length. Bat’s have a different amount of weight as well as a distribution of weight. The distribution of weight determines how hard it is to swing a bat.

What is the most popular bat section?

BBCOR is the most popular section because it serves almost every league that is 14 years old or up. Most famous for its high school and NCAA requirement, the BBCOR standard is the adult, non professional, standard for aluminum and composite bats.

What are wood bats made of?

Some wood bats are “composites”. Meaning, they are made up of multiple pieces of wood glued together. Other “wood” bats aren’t#N#“wood” bats in that they are bamboo. And bamboo is not considered an official wood bat. Other “wood” bats aren’t wood at all but some sort of weird resin that performs like wood. Depending on what amateur league you dealing with they could allow any#N#number of these wood bats.

What factors are not considered in bat size chart?

For starters, a bat size based on age and weight fails to recognize factors like sport (baseball, fastpitch), age, drop and league (BBCOR, USSSA, etc). Finding the right size bat depends on several factors that we consider in our bat size charts.

What is missing the most in bat size charts?

What is missing the most in bat size charts is a reference to skill. The ability of a player dramatically changes the length and size of the bat they should swing. The difference is skill is more useful a metric than height/weight when considering the#N#optimal size bat.

How much weight should a 13 year old boy be?

But, in terms of their long term development, getting to a drop 5 (atleast a drop 8) will help them develop. The average 13 year old boy is 100 pounds and 5 foot 1.5 inches.

Bat Length

Starting at the very beginning, most youth baseball players under the age of 7 will use a 26 or 27 inch bat. A standard rule is that for every 3-4 inches of growth in height, your bat length should increase by an inch. By the time you get to about middle school you most likely want to be using a 29-31 inch bat, depending on your height.

Bat Weight

Bats weights are measured in ounces and are usually referred to by minus or drop weight. Drop weight refers to the difference between the length and weight of a bat. For example a 32 inch bat that weighs 29 ounces is referred to as -3 or drop 3.

Everything Else

It’s important to find the right length/weight combination that is the most comfortable for you, but there are a few other things to keep in mind.