how do you soften up a baseball glove

November 4, 2022

How to Soften a Baseball Glove1. Get the Baseball Glove Wet One the easiest way to soften a baseball glove is by getting it wet with hot water,somewhere between 150 and 170 degrees Fahrenheit. …2. Work the Glove The next thing you should do to soften your baseball glove is to start really working it in. …3. Pound the Glove …4. Shape it With Rubber Bands …5. Use It …

What’s the best way to dry out a baseball glove?

How to Dry a Wet Baseball Glove Clean the glove with a brush Remove moisture with a towel Let it dry out in an open place where it can get airflow Apply conditioner Reshape the glove Add conditioner again

What liquid can you use to soften baseball gloves?

Place the gloves in hot water for about 10 minutes.Put them on to stretch – wear for at least 30 minutes.Let them hang dry until no water is dripping from the gloves.Put them back on while damp,continue stretching.Apply Isopropyl alcohol on the leather.

What is the fastest way to break in a glove?

What is the way to break a gloves?Play some games with it. To soften the glove,first,you need to test the hardness of the gloves leather. …Apply nourishing oil. Once you’ve done the above,it’s time to soften your gloves. …Test glove hardness with your hand. After oiling,try breaking the glove by hand. …Pound the glove with a mallet. …Let dry for 12 hours. …Practice some exercises with it. …

How to dry a baseball glove left in the rain?

The following items you’ll need to dry a baseball glove:Piece of cloth: to soak up the moistureSoft bristle brush/Toothbrush: to remove the mud from the gloveSponge: to rub the conditionersGlove conditioners: to make soften your stiffed baseball glove

Reshaping The Baseball Gloves Vs Stiffening Up A Baseball Glove

Sometimes people make a mistake by thinking that reshaping baseball gloves is like stiffening up. Actually, not. There are many differences between these two processes.

How To Stiffen Up A Baseball Glove

You already know stiffening up means making the baseball gloves tighten from the floppy condition. Not only does more extended use make the gloves floppy, but sometimes new gloves also become floppy. Like the breaking in process, you will also need to stiffen up the gloves before using them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Oiling your baseball glove will further help you overcome hardness faster by smoothing the material, and it will also keep it lubricated and prevent them from peeling.


Regular practicing can sometimes damage baseball gloves and that causes the practice to be interrupted. But there’s no need to be concerned. I tried to explain to you how to stiffen up a baseball game. By reading the above, I hope you understand what you need to do if your baseball has become loose or floppy.

Why Do Baseball Gloves Need to be Broken In?

One of the things that makes leather such a valuable and versatile material is its durability. But unused leather that has just come off the production line is often stiff as a rock, and the leather used by baseball glove manufacturers is no different.

Why is my leather glove dry?

That might be true at first, because heat makes leather more supple. However, hot air tends to be dry — and that’s certainly true of the hot air in an oven. When you bake a glove, it pulls moisture out of the leather. That means that when the glove cools down, it’s going to be dry (and sometimes, brittle).

Why do you want a glove that feels natural?

Because as you break in a glove, the leather stretches and molds to fit your hand and to accommodate your movements. You want a glove that feels natural on your hand, as though it’s an extension of your arm that you forget is even there.

What kind of hammer do you use for a glove?

There are two types of glove hammers you can use for this approach: one of them has a ball shape at the end of it to form the pocket, and the other is more of a flat-end tool you use to simply whack the glove. Mizuno brand glove mallet with rounded end.

What is an ASO glove?

Aso is a professional leather worker who crafts the finest gloves in the world. He knows what he’s doing. Aso’s method uses water, which makes the leather easier to work with but can leave it dry and brittle if not applied correctly. So, if you choose this approach, follow the instructions to the letter — and understand that mistakes can damage your mitt.

How long does it take to break in a leather glove?

Depending on the grade of leather, the break-in period can take anywhere from days to weeks. That said, breaking in a real leather glove is worth the effort, as its form and function will far surpass what synthetic materials can offer.

How to be a better defender?

Choosing the right mitt for your position and playing style can make a big difference in your performance. While no glove alone can make you a better defender, picking one that fits right and feels comfortable can give you more confidence on the field and help you make plays more cleanly and consistently.

How to bend a glove?

Work the glove into shape with a mallet. Fold the glove in half so the thumb is on top and hit the heel close to the thumb side with a mallet to bend the material. Work your way toward the center of the glove.

How long to bake a glove in oven?

Place the glove in a 300ºF oven for four minutes. Put the foamed glove on a cloth-covered baking sheet. Set it on the top rack of the oven.

How long should you work a baseball glove?

Work the glove repeatedly every which way for ten minutes or more. Insert a baseball or softball into the glove’s sweet spot where you are most likely to catch the ball. Allow the glove to cool around the ball. Note: Most glove manufacturers recommend against using chemicals or heat to break in gloves.

How to steam a leather glove?

Place the glove on a rack above a pot of water and turn the burner on. Be sure to keep your glove several inches above the water to avoid splashing. Place a curved lid or a large upside-down bowl over the glove to trap the steam. Let the glove sit in the steam for two-to-five minutes, depending on how soft you want the leather. You want the temperature of the glove to reach about 150° F.

How to soften leather baseball glove?

Purchase baseball glove conditioning oil. Most manufacturers offer oils specifically formulated to treat their gloves. Applying a small amount of conditioning oil will soften, enrich, and preserve the leather in the pocket of your glove.

What to do if your child gets a new glove?

If your child gets a new glove, do not break it in for him/her. Your hand is probably bigger than theirs, and you’ll stretch the inside of the glove out too much.

Where to hit a glove for a deeper pocket?

Hit the glove near the webbing for a deeper pocket or more toward the palm of the glove for a shallow pocket.

What is the final step in the restoration process?

Relacing is the final step of the restoring process. 3 tools you will need for relace a baseball glove.

How to restore a baseball glove?

To restore a baseball glove, at first, you need to unlace it. In two ways, you can unlace a baseball glove. Unlace it by hand with carefully. Cutting them with scissors and buying new laces. For old gloves, we prefer doing the second one.

How to clean leather gloves?

Leather cleaner. Sponge/a little piece of soft cloth. Then put a little leather cleaner to the sponge or cloth and use it on the glove. From heels to the web, wipe every part of the glove to ensure it is cleaned perfectly. Don’t use too much cleaner.

How to soften a glove?

To take care and soften it, you need to use conditioner on the glove. Most experts prefer it to do it by clothes.

What are baseball gloves made of?

In the 99.98% of baseball gloves are made of leather. If you choose a random cheap baseball oil or cleaner, there is a high chance to happen that those products can be for only non-leather. They can hurt your gloves. You can find it in your local store.

How to oil a stiff glove?

The best way of oil a stiff old glove is to do it by a piece of cloth. Put some little oil on a cloth and rub it on the glove. Please don’t use too much oil on it. You will get the perfect usage amount on the packet that comes from the manufacturer. Rub it until all oils got to disappear, which you used on the glove.

How to use oil on a glove?

Put some little oil on a cloth and rub it on the glove. Please don’t use too much oil on it. You will get the perfect usage amount on the packet that comes from the manufacturer.