how to determine baseball glove size

October 26, 2022

How To Measure a Baseball GloveTo determine the size of a baseball glove,measure from the tip of the index finger along the palm to the heel of the glove. Most baseball gloves don’t measure greater than 12.5 inches.When looking for a catcher’s mitt,you’ll notice that the sizing of the glove is between 32.5 to 34 inches. That’s because a catcher’s mitt is measured by the circumference.

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How big should my baseball glove be?

Measure around the hand at the fullest part (exclude thumb)Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the hand.Use the largest of these two measurements for the correct size glove.If you are right handed,take measurements from your right hand.If you are left handed,take measurements from your left hand.

What size of baseball glove should a 7yr use?

What size baseball glove do 7-year-olds wear? Seven-year-olds wear a size glove that ranges from 10.25″ to 12.25″ depending on their position. 1st base-men will need a glove that is 11.5″-12″. An Infielder will need a glove that is about 10.25″-11.5″. And an outfielder will need a glove that is about 11.5″-12.25″.

How do you measure a baseball glove?

How to Measure for a Little League Baseball GloveMeasure your child’s hand Place the child’s hand palm-side down on a table or other solid surface. …Find a glove to purchase Now that you have measurements for your child’s hand,its time to purchase. …Have your child try the glove on

What size is a baseball glove?

Generally, youth baseball glove comes under the sizes ranging from 9 inches to 12 inches. According to the baseball experts, players under the age of 8 years use gloves measured by 9 to 11 inches and the players above 8 years wear gloves 11 inches and above.

How to buy a baseball glove?

Other Glove Buying Tips: 1 Righty or Lefty: Keep in mind if you or your player are a right hand thrower or a left hand thrower. Whichever hand you use to throw, the other hand will wear the glove. 2 Buy for Your Needs: Select a glove that fits your price range and estimated use. For a little leaguer just starting out, you can opt for a cheaper glove that breaks in faster. But if the player is over 12 and plans to play for the next few years, choosing a nicer, real-leather glove will be well worth the price in time. 3 Trust yourself. After all, it is your game that will be affected by your glove. When looking at the pocket depth, webbing pattern, and finger stalls, choose the size that feels the best to you and performs how you need it.

How to measure baseball glove size?

Baseball Glove Sizing: measure from the top of the index finger to the center of the glove heel.

How do you know what size baseball glove you need?

How do you know what size glove to get? Well to start, do you know what size glove you use now? Every baseball mitt has the size etched in the leather on the thumb or pinky finger of the glove. Manufacturers measure their creations from the top of the index finger and move down along the glove until it reaches the center of the heel. That length is how the glove’s size is determined.

Why are catcher’s mitts bigger?

Catcher’s mitts are a tad different. Their size options are usually larger because they are measured by their circumference rather than top to bottom like gloves. This makes sense since the catcher needs as much surface area as possible to catch the ball every time. To review:

What hand do you use to throw?

Righty or Lefty: Keep in mind if you or your player are a right hand thrower or a left hand thrower. Whichever hand you use to throw, the other hand will wear the glove.

Can you return a baseball glove if it doesn’t fit?

These size recommendations are an average and may not pertain to every single player, so make sure you select a size based on this size chart and your personal preferences. Have no fear on size selection! Thanks to the JustBallGloves glove assurance, you can opt to try your glove out, break it in, and still return it. So, if your baseball glove doesn’t fit you perfectly, you aren’t stuck with too tall or too small gear.

How are baseball gloves different from softball gloves?

Surprisingly, the fingers are there for more than just fitting the glove to the hand. Also, there isn’t much difference between baseball and softball gloves fingers. There is one, but that is all about the length of the fingers; softball gloves fingers are longer. When it comes to how players wear the glove, there is a difference. For example, some like to wear the glove with one finger in the pinky slot, which I thought was the only way. But some put two fingers in the pinky slot. In fact, there is a reason for this, and the reason is that the number of fingers in the pinky slot changes the way the glove closes.

What size glove do infielders wear?

Their gloves also have shallower pockets. It helps in making glove-to-hand transfer faster. A common misconception is that infielders must wear large gloves. The average baseball size for a youth infielder glove is 10.75’’-11.75’’. High school to professional infielder average glove size is 11.25’’-12.25’’. Finally, the fastpitch average is 11’’-12’’.

What is the average size of a baseball glove?

In general, glove sizes go from 8 inches to 15 inches. But the average for most high school leagues and the professional leagues is about 12.5 inches. The measures for a baseball catcher’s mitt can go as high as 35 inches. Again the average catcher’s mitt size for most high school leagues and the professional leagues are about 32.5 inches to 34 inches. Those 15 inches and 35 inches gloves are for outliers.

What is a catcher glove called?

Catcher: Usually called mitt’s, and they don’t have separately cut fingers so that they can catch fastballs for a long time. They take a while to break in so catchers buy a new glove a few months before the old one wears out. These gloves have a closed pocket and lots of laces.

How much does a glove cost?

It is the most important criterion that makes people afraid. Prices can vary from $30-$300 sometimes! The cost of a glove is dependent on several factors like material, brand, etc. Keep a budget and use it to narrow down your list of gloves.

How to measure baseball glove size?

All you need to do to measure your baseball or softball glove size is go from the tip of the index finger to the end of the heel. The distance you get in inches is the size of your glove. Make sure to measure in inches as that is the norm.

How many cores are there in baseball gloves?

As of 2021 baseball gloves have eight-core designs for web pattern that every baseball manufacturers use. More patterns and combinations of techniques are coming out every year. No matter the size of a baseball glove all baseball gloves will have one pattern of web or another.

What is a baseball glove size chart?

The baseball glove size chart, like most charts, contains glove size measurements that help you in picking the right glove for your hands. The chart’s figures are an estimation of hand sizes.

How big should a baseball glove be for a teenager?

For a teenager assuming a dominant position (either infielder or outfielder), the youth baseball glove size chart measure shall have to be adjusted to 12 inches upwards, but not beyond 13.

Why is it important to wear the right glove size?

Wearing the right glove size for you or your kids ensures comfort and performance enhancement and puts physical strength into full display.

What tool does baseball use to demonstrate physical strength?

And, note that no other tool in baseball besides the bat illustrates your physical strength more clearly than the gloves!

What age is the youth category?

Dividing the youth category, we still get the same ages, specifically, beginning from 7 to 12:

How To Measure a Baseball Glove

Before identifying which baseball glove size you need, it’s important to know how to measure a glove. All baseball gloves and catcher’s mitts will have a size listed, in centimeters and inches.

Baseball Glove Size Charts by Age and Position

For accurate sizing of base gloves and finding the adult size range of gloves required for baseball use the baseball glove size charts by age and position below.

Fastpitch Softball Glove Size Chart by Age and Position

We have used a tape measure and considered the age of the fastpitch players and the contact player they meet when creating this fastpitch softball glove size chart by age and position. This will guide you when purchasing fastpitch size glove. See basic terms for accurate sizing.

Youth Players Baseball Glove Size Chart

We have used a fabric tape measure and considered the inches for baseball and inches for catcher when creating this youth players baseball glove size chart.

High School & Adult Baseball Glove Size Chart

We have used a tape measure to accurately craft the high school and adult baseball glove size chart below depending on the position.

Slowpitch Softball Players Glove Size Chart

The slowpitch baseball gloves softball gloves players glove size chart has measurements taken correctly with a tape measure in inches and cm. The table takes into consideration the inches for softball as well. See the table below.


In reality, it is important to measure your fingers using a tape measure before deciding to shop for baseball gloves. You need accurate sizing, check if you have narrower fingers, pinky finger, or large fingers.

How to tell what size baseball glove you need?

With an understanding of the glove parts and how the webbing affects the glove type to use, you will want to look at the size of a glove in inches to get the right fit. When you pick up a baseball glove, look on the thumb or pinky side to see the size of the glove. The sizes can range from 8 to 15 inches with the catcher’s mitt sizing in at 35 inches. This is the measurement from the top of the index finger to the center of the heel.

What part of the glove is the most padded?

Many gloves will come with extra palm padding to reduce the sting of a direct hit in the palm area. Lastly, the heel of the glove is located below the palm and is the stiffest part of the glove. It is the most padded part of the glove and helps to provide the structure of it.

How many webbings are there in baseball gloves?

The six webbings to choose from are H-web, I-web, Closed/Basket Web, Two-piece Closed Web, Trapeze Web, and Modified Trapeze Web. Check out Tips on Choosing a Baseball Glove.

What position has a shallower pocket?

The webbing/pocket size will have a significant effect on what position you play. Middle infielders (second baseman and shortstop) will have a shallower pocket so that they can get the ball out of their glove quickly. An outfielder will have a bigger pocket to allow them to catch flyballs with ease.

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How big are pitcher’s gloves?

They range in size from 9”-10.5” for tee-ball, 10.75”-12.5” for youth, and 11.5”-12.5” for adult baseball and fastpitch players, and can be as large as 14” in length for slowpitch players.

What size glove do you need for a baseball player?

Outfield Gloves are typically larger gloves designed to help players have extra reach as they track down fly balls. These gloves feature a deeper pocket that prioritizes securing the ball after the catch. For baseball players, outfield gloves range in size from 10.75”-12.5” for youth players and 12.5”-12.75” for adults. Fastpitch and slowpitch outfield gloves tend to be larger, ranging from 12”-13” and 13”-14”, respectively.

What is Wilson glove?

For fastpitch players, Wilson offers multiple design options to improve the fit of the glove for players including a drawstring closure or an adjustable velcro pull strap. Both closure systems make adjusting the fit of the glove simple, even in the middle of a game, and offer a complete custom fit for the glove to fit snug and secure to the player’s hand and wrist. In addition, Wilson fastpitch gloves are built with a thinner heel pad and deeper pocket design, which combine to make it easier to handle the size of a softball. Altogether, Wilson fastpitch gloves allow players to field the ball with confidence and quickly transfer the ball to their throwing hand to make the quick plays the sport demands.

Why do baseball gloves fit?

When initially practicing skills and developing a love for the game of baseball or fastpitch, having a glove that properly fits the player’s hand and wrist will immediately make a difference in how comfortable he or she feels on the field. If the player feels like the glove is going to slide off his or her hand when his or her arm is down by their side, chances are, the glove, or at least the hand opening is too large for the player. Wilson incorporated features into baseball and softball gloves for younger players to offer a smaller and more tailored fit, allowing for a more secure, snug feel. Equipment that fits comfortably not only allows young players to focus on skill development, but it also increases the likelihood that they have fun.

How small of a glove do you need to throw out base runners?

A common misconception is that infielders need larger gloves, but even professional baseball players use gloves as small as 11.25” to allow them to transfer the ball quickly.

Why is it important to have a smaller glove?

A smaller glove allows for easier for a young player. The more control of the glove a player has, the better they can get their body and glove in position to catch and secure the ball. If a player is using a glove that is too large, it will feel awkward and potentially be a distraction.

How to choose a glove?

An important factor in choosing a glove is to choose the right glove for your position. Depending on what position you play, you will want to have a glove tailored to the demands of your position.

How to find glove size?

Take the higher of the 2 and round up to the nearest whole number. Take a look at the 2 measurements you’ve written down. They will likely be close, but 1 is probably a bit higher than the other. Round up that higher number to the nearest whole number and that’s your glove size.

How to find out what size gloves you need?

Find your measurement in a sizing chart. Most regular gloves aren’t sized by number, but by small (S), medium (M), and large (L), so you’ll need to find out which one your number size falls under. To do this, look up a chart online.

How to measure inches on a tape measurer?

Hold the end of the fabric tape measurer over the tip of you middle finger. Pull the tape measurer down until you’ve reached the base of your hand. As you hold it taut, look at the tape measurer to see how many inches or millimeters it reads at the base of your hand. Write that measurement down.

How to measure your hand for a sleeve?

1. Measure the widest part of your hand. Hold the end of a fabric tape measurer at the center of your palm with your thumb. Then, use your other hand to wrap the tape measurer around the outside of your hand. Once you’ve wrapped it around, hold it taut in line with the end of the tape measurer.

How to measure the length of your hand?

Use a ruler to measure the length of your hand. Hold your hand flat with your palm facing up and your fingers together. Lay a ruler onto your palm vertically with the zero mark at the base of your hand. Record the number in inches or millimeters that you see on the ruler at the top of your middle finger.

What size golf gloves are available?

There are women’s regular sizes that range from small (S) to large (L) and men’s regular sizes that range from small (S) to double extra large (XXL). Try on these sizes if the width of you palm and the length of your fingers are proportional.

How to know what size gloves to buy?

Luckily, you can find the right size by measuring your hand and trying on different sizes to see how they feel. While regular gloves should fit comfortably, goalkeeping gloves should fit loosely and golf gloves should fit tightly.