how to wash a baseball cap

April 27, 2022

Applying Oil

First, there is the debate on whether to use oil or not. The most popular belief is that you should never use any oils because it will shorten the life of your glove.

Break The Stiffness

The best way to break in a baseball glove is to do it manually. After using the glove oil, you are encouraged to break in the glove as much as possible by hand. This is because it will help make an easy and efficient break-in process for the gloves. Wear the glove on your preferred hand and gently shape it how you want.

Playing Some Indoor Catch

The next step would be breaking the leather in and practising some catches with an air-filled or foam ball (not a hard, small rubber one). Try to catch with 50 balls or more to soften or measure its stiffness.

Pound The Glove With A Mallet

To make your glove more comfortable, it’s best to give it a shape. Use a mallet and start pounding from the padded areas of the glove all around to form its shape. This will also soften up the leather.

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