what is ops in baseball

April 25, 2022

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How many bases does a single base hit get?

A single-base hit gets a batter 1 base to count; up to a home run which gets 4 total bases. The idea is, the more power and therefore extra-base hits a hitter gets, the more productive he will be in driving in runs to win games. Slugging percentage is how many bases a batter gets per at bat.

What is the OPS of a batter?

A batter’s OPS is what you get when adding a percentage for a batter’s ability to reach base successfully, with another figure that indicates a hitter’s power. The other categories are on-base and slugging percentages, which carry their own acronyms, OBP and SLG. Add them together and you get OPS.

What does it mean when a batter has a high OPS?

Basically, a high OPS indicates a batter is not just having success hitting, but that he’s hitting with authority. In baseball lingo, he’s slugging, or mashing, driving the ball. This means more home runs, or line drives off walls, in the alleys, or down baselines, than batters who mostly get single-base hits.

Why do baseball managers like OPS?

Baseball insiders like OPS because it tells them whether a batter is hitting with power or not. Power hitting produces in more runs (RBIs) than non-power hitting, so baseball managers like to have a lot of “pop” in lineups. Plus, fans dig power, to paraphrase a popular old commercial.

What is extra base hit?

Basically, extra-base hits boost the SLG, not not the AVG which is about how often a batter reaches base successfully regardless of hit type. Calculating a slugging percentage dates back at least to the 1880s, when it was called “total base average” ~ which, when you think about it, it is.

What is a perfect OBP?

A perfect OBP is 1.000, say if a batter batted 10 times and reached at least first base all 10 times. A batter who reaches at least first base half the time would have an OBP of .500 (which is still pretty good).

How many bases did Rogers Hornsby have?

Amazingly, the very next season Rogers Hornsby set the record for the National League that still stands, with 450 total bases! Many old-timers consider total bases a very important statistic in which to judge batters. (And total bases weigh heavily in a batter’s OPS).