what size baseball bat for youth

October 31, 2022

24-34 inches

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What size barrel can you use in youth baseball?

Rules have changed for youth baseball in recent years and there are now specific barrel diameters and drop weights that are allowed in certain leagues. The most popular barrel diameter that is used in leagues is 2 5/8 inches and the most common drop weight is -13.

How to choose a youth baseball bat?

Youth Baseball Bats According to Baseball Monkey , there are certain ways that you should select a bat size for your child. Starting at a young age, if your child is between 3’ and 3’4”, you would want to start with a 26 inch bat, and for every 4-5 inches that your child grows, you should add one inch to the bat.

What size softball bat should a 12 year old use?

There are barely more using a 29-inch than a 27-inch. The 27 to 29-inch range accounts for more than 80% of all 12-year-old bat sizes. If you’re not sure, we suggest you go with an 18 or 17-ounce bat. Find more details on our best bat for eight-year-olds.

Which baseball bat is the better bat?

wood vs aluminum bats Which Is Better. These are a much safer choice for players, as they won’t fly off in an unexpected direction and potentially hit someone flush on the head. This is because composite materials make them break easier than solid wooden rods.

What is a Youth Baseball Bat Size Chart?

The youth baseball bat size chart functions as a guide for determining the perfect bat length for your body. A chart usually consists of variables such as age, league, bat length, and weight drop.

How Do I Size My Baseball Bat?

The size or dimensions of the baseball bat pertains to its overall weight drop. To size your bat, you must first calculate its weight drop. But even before you can identify its weight drop, you must first determine its weight and length.

What are the Main Factors for Choosing My Perfect Bat?

When choosing your perfect bat, you must keep these two most important factors in mind (assuming that the sport we are playing here is baseball):

How much to add to a bat for a 3ft 8 inch kid?

4 inches, add 1 inch for the bat. So for instance, if your kid’s height reaches 3 ft. and 8 inches, you are to add one more inch to the bat.

How long should a bat be for a kid?

If your kid’s weight is around 27kg, match it with a bat that is 26-29 inches long.

How to test a bat for yourself?

In the absence of a chart, you can instead test the bat for yourself by swinging it several times.

What happens when you deduct weight from length?

If you deduct the weight (in oz) from the length (in inches), you end up with the weight drop.

What is the -3 drop rule in baseball?

Furthermore, the -3 drop rule isn’t the only regulation about bat size. Different leagues have different standards and one bat might not work across all of them. The three standard-setting governing bodies you should be familiar with are BBCOR, USSSA, and USA Baseball. BBCOR concerns college and high school bats.

How to measure a bat for a child?

When you measure a bat for your child, start with the bat’s length. Place the bat next to your kid with their cleats on. If the bat reaches to just below their hip , it’s a good length. If it extends to their hip or higher, then it’s too long. This test is good for young players, ages 8-10.

How much does a bat drop?

So for example, a bat that’s 28” long and weighs 16 ounces will have a drop of -12.

How to test a bat for older players?

Additionally, you can do a similar test for older players. Simply have your older player hold the bat straight out in front of them with their arm fully extended.

What size barrel do you need for a bat?

BBCOR concerns college and high school bats. In addition to having a drop of -3, they must also have a barrel that’s 2 5/8 inches in diameter, and most wood bats are allowed.

How long should a bat be for a kid?

Ideally: shorter, younger players should swing a lighter, shorter bat. The shortest recommended length for kids 3’5” to 3’8” is 27 inches, and the longest for teenagers 6’ and over is 34 inches.

What size bat is used in USA baseball?

Only a “USABat” can be used, with no weight restrictions but with a 2 5/8 inch diameter.

What size barrel do you need for a BBCOR bat?

BBCOR regulations are more strict than other types of certification as all bats have a 2 5/8” barrel and have a -3 drop weight. If you are playing in high school or college, you MUST use a BBCOR-certified baseball bat. SHOP BBCOR BATS. If you are still unsure about your purchase, let us help!

What is composite bat?

Composite bats are made of material very similar to carbon fiber, giving the manufacturers much more control over the weight distribution of the bat. They can be made with the weight evenly distributed, or end-loaded where the end of the barrel of the bat carries a larger portion of the weight.

How to contact BBCOR baseball bats?

Give us a call at (800) 937-4824 or email us directly at [email protected]

How much does a Marucci hybrid bat cost?

If you are just getting into the game or simply aren’t sure of what type of bat to buy, alloy is usually the safest purchase. COST: $50 – $300. Marucci 2019 CAT8 -3 Adult Baseball Bat (BBCOR) Like its name suggests, hybrid bats are a combination of composite bats and alloy bats.

What is a drop bat?

A drop refers to the length of the bat minus the weight. For example, if a bat is 30 inches long and has a drop weight of -5, the bat will weight 25 ounces. So, the larger the drop weight, the less the bat will weigh. Younger players tend to use a bigger drop weight while older players will use a smaller one.

What size bats are used in the Senior League?

Sometimes referred to as “Senior League” bats, they are available in 2 1/4" barrel size and go up to 2 3/4” barrels.

How to know if a bat is too short?

To double check if the length works for you, hold the bat to your side and as long as your palm can reach the handle while the head of the bat is touching the ground, the length of the bat should work for you. If you have to bend over to grab the handle , the bat is probably too short and you should consider a larger size.

How much does a BBCOR bat weigh?

That is, their weight in ounces is three lower than their height in inches. So, a 33-inch BBCOR bat has a stated weight of 30-ounces.

What size bats are available for BBCOR?

Entering the BBCOR bat world calms down the chart lines significantly. Mostly because the BBCOR world only uses drop threes. That is, BBCOR bats come only come in a 34, 33, 32, 31, 30, and 29-inch options. (There are a few companies that use a 32.5 and 33.5 model as well). Those six limited sizing options make the choices easier. See more details on our best bat for a 13U travel player.

How many ounces should a bat swing be?

Of some interest, players whose parents consider them short tended to avoid 18-ounce bats in the 8-year-old space. They either swing a 17 or 19 ounce. Whereas tall players preferred 18 ounces.

How much does a youth barrel bat weigh?

Most bat size charts fail to capture weight information. Yet youth barrel bats in a 30-inch, for example, range from 17 ounces up to 25 ounces. The 4’6″ player above might narrow in on a 29 to 31-inch bat easy enough. But without a weight suggestion, a recommendation of a bat length is not entirely useful.

What size bat should a 14 year old use?

For example, Strong players are just as likely to swing a 29-ounce bat as they are a 30-ounce bat (with maybe a little bit of a trend towards the 30-ounce). Outstanding 14-year-old players swing a 31, 32, and 33 inches in almost equal numbers. We suggest you find the variable or two which describes you best and go for the in the middle. Which, for most 14-year-olds, would be a 32/29 BBCOR bat.

How big of a bat should a 5’10 player have?

The bat length they suggest is by height. A 4’6″ should have a 27 or 28-inch bat, and a 5’10” player should have between a 30 and 34-inch bat. Not specific details, but at least they point out the reality that bat size depends on way more than height and weight.

What is a 32/27 bat?

A 32/27 is a monster bat and might feel like a big boy bat to begin the year. But, as our data shows, most 32/27 hitters are pretty happy with their bat size—and staying with the bat size that 11 and 12-year-olds prefer doesn’t pack the kind of punch you want to see on a 13-year-old ball field.

How to know if a bat is right for you?

More experienced players generally swing a heavier bats to help maximize power. A way to tell if a bat is right for you is your swing speed . A bat that is too heavy is harder to swing, causing a loss in momentum, reduced distance or a miss altogether. If a bat is too light for a player, the player could miss out on the extra force they could generate from a heavier bat. A happy medium needs to be found. It is highly recommended you demo a bat against live pitching speeds in order to find the best weight for you.

How much weight do you drop in baseball?

Most common weight drops in various baseball leagues are -12, -10, -9, -8, -5, and -3. As you progress toward high school baseball, the weight drop lowers (the bats become heavier). When moving to a heavier bat, you may then decide to drop an inch in length to more easily handle the additional weight. This is a matter of personal preference and comfort at the plate as you advance in age, league and skill level.

How big is a baseball bat?

However, By regulation, it may be no more than 2.75 inches (7.0 cm) in diameter at the thickest part and no more than 42 inches (1.067 m) in length.

What is the difference between a -5 and -10 bat?

A lesser weight drop means the bat feels heavier. So a -5 bat will feel heavier than a -10 bat.

What is the thickest part of a bat?

The barrel is the thickest and widest part of the bat used to hit the ball. The barrel is where you want to hit the ball in order to achieve maximum performance.

How Much Should We Pay for New Youth Baseball Bats?

The high school baseball coach may provide some bats but most of the players end up buying their own youth baseball bats or sharing with other teammates.

How to pick a baseball bat size?

1. The age of the youth baseball players. 2. The player’s size and body weight. Use the Most Popular Baseball Bat Length by Age Chart below to start your baseball bat size search.

How to stretch out a bat’s life?

The days of having a good old wood bat for a long stretch of the season are in the past. We always stretched out the wood bats life span by gluing, adding screws, nailing and taping the bat when it cracked. It might have lost some pop but it got the job done.

When did aluminum bats become mainstream?

Aluminum Bat ‘Era’. Metal bats and aluminum bats started becoming mainstream in amateur baseball in the mid 70’s. Soon bat technology changed the game and the baseball bats became lethal weapons. The big-barrels and light weights created maximum bat speed and a large increase in power hitting. Youth baseball bats now had an enormous ‘sweet-spot’ on …

Is youth baseball short lived?

Youth baseball careers are short-lived so lets make it count for our players. What do players really want out of playing baseball?

Is coaching baseball a blast?

Coaching little league baseball & youth baseball can be a blast or could be a Tough Gig.